Outgoing Students

  • 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher 
  • Full time enrollment at UA 
  • No incomplete grades from previous terms
  • No current or pending probationary status (academic or misconduct related) 
  • No outstanding financial obligation at UA
Choosing an Exchange Campus 

A complete list of campuses participating in NSE can be found at www.nse.org. Keep in mind that you can exchange for one semester or one academic year. You are encouraged to select an exchange campus that will be an educational, geographic, and cultural complement to your experience at UA. Please consult with the UA NSE Coordinator regarding your campus choices if you have any questions regarding availability, payment plans, or costs. You may wish to consider the following when searching for an exchange campus:

  • Academics: With nearly 200 campuses participating in NSE, the academic possibilities are endless. Have you always had an interest in Marine Biology? If so, consider attending the University of Rhode Island or attending Stony Brook University's Semester by the Sea program. Or perhaps you're already thinking about graduate school. You can use NSE to explore a potential graduate campus.
  • Campus Size: NSE includes large campuses like the UA and University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (50,000 students); but also includes a wide range of smaller campuses. Perhaps you would like to try a campus with smaller class sizes and more personalized academic attention? If so, you may want to consider campuses like University of Hawaii, Hilo (less than 5,000 students) or Eastern Illinois University (about 10,000 students).
  • Location: Maybe it's all about location for you. NSE has campuses located in Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and across the contiguous United States. Maybe you plan to move to New York City, Boston, or Miami after graduation. All of these cities are possibilities within NSE! 
  • Language Proficiency: Are you hoping to use your exchange to improve on your foreign language skills? The language of instruction in Puerto Rico is Spanish and at most Quebec campuses the language of instruction is French. You can truly gain a language immersion via NSE if that is your goal.
  • Activity/Interests: If country music is your passion, why not study for a semester in Nashville? Or maybe you love to ski or snowboard. You could spend a year in upstate New York (SUNY Plattsburgh), in Vermont (Johnson State College), or in Utah (University of Utah) hitting the slopes!

Hopefully this brief list gives you a sense of how broad NSE truly is. We can help you find an exchange campus with just the right combination of courses, facilities, and environment to fulfill both your academic and social interests.

NSE Payment Plans
  • Plan A: You will pay in-state tuition and fees at your host campus. The University of Arizona is currently not participating in Plan A.
  • Plan B: You continue to pay regular UA tuition and fees. This plan allows for your scholarships and financial aid awards to remain unchanged during your exchange.
  • $80 application fee (non-refundable; applied once application is submitted).
  • $220 program fee (non-refundable; applied once an exchange placement is accepted).
Other Costs
  • Housing: On-campus housing is available at most NSE campuses and in some cases may be required or strongly encouraged. Check out the campus profiles on www.nse.org for all campuses you are considering to find out about the housing options/requirements as well as the costs.
  • Transportation: You will need to make your own travel arrangements to and from your exchange campus. Please keep these costs in mind while budgeting.