Nura Dualeh

NSE Director

My name is Nura Dualeh and I am the Director of the National Student Exchange Program.  I have worked in student affairs, pre-graduate school advising, financial aid, recruitment and outreach, and international education and exchange throughout my career. I coordinate the UA National Student Exchange (NSE) program and co-administer several undergraduate summer research programs and graduate preparation opportunities through the UA’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Consortium.  In my 25-year career in higher education, it has been my privilege to advise and mentor hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students. A college education is a transformative experience that can broaden your understanding of the world and prepare you to become an engaged, active and informed citizen and change agent. I encourage you to consider NSE as a powerful way to personalize your UA education through travel, the exploration of new regions and people, and the accessing of new professors and classes. I hope you are inspired to review our website and I look forward to reading your application.