Spring = Snow and Skating in Maryland

I had the opportunity to study at Towson University in Maryland during the spring of 2015. Waking up many mornings to snowfall outside my apartment window was really cool, as I have never lived on the East Coast. Snow was quite the dramatic weather change, but was a much needed break from the blistering heat of Arizona. At Towson I took a wide range of class subjects. My classes allowed me to develop new interests, reconnect with my passion for acting, and further my journalism skills in the style of magazine journalism, which I one day hope to work in. Socially, I made many new friends in Towson through classes and clubs. I truly learned the value of making time for friends despite a busy school schedule, even if that means meeting for lunch once a week. By joining the TU Figure Skating club I was able to return to figure skating, something I had given up long ago, but always longed to return to. Though the semester was filled with many great memories, I also experienced a few obstacles. Being across the country from my parents for six months was hard at times, especially when I had to deal with being seriously ill at one point. With time, I was able to learn how these obstacles helped me adapt and take care of myself in a way that I never had to before. This NSE experience helped prepare me for the adult world that I will enter in less than a year by showing me that I now have the knowledge to make it on my own and handle with strength and confidence, the next phase of my life.

I would seriously recommend this program to anyone who is looking to travel and experience something different in college without spending the money necessary to study abroad. People always say that traveling changes you as a person and that you return home different, which I have learned this is incredibly true. College is all about having experiences that define you as a person. The NSE exchange has been a major highlight of my college career and contributed to who I am today, and if you let it, I promise it will do the same for you.

Name: Maggie Driver

Exchange Term: Spring 2015

Host Campus: Towson University

Major: Journalism