From UA Wildcat to UGA 'Bulldawg'

I participated in the National Student Exchange program during the Fall 2012 semester and had the privilege of exchanging to the University of Georgia. Although I’ve studied and traveled abroad to numerous locations, this experience was one of the most enlightening and wonderful opportunities I’ve had for countless reasons. It was the longest time frame that I was away from my family and it was interesting to see how different of an environment you can travel to while still in the US. The culture and customs in the south were unique enough that I might as well have traveled to a different country; and I absolutely loved every minute of my semester there. I loved getting to witness the changing of the seasons (something not feasible as an Arizona native), being a part of the intense Bulldawg pride during Saturday football games, cultivating friendships that I know will last a lifetime, and having the opportunity to intimately be a part of the UGA Greek community by deciding to live in the sorority chapter house during my semester there. Ultimately, while I did have to overcome some homesickness and needed to readjust to an environment different than what I was accustomed to, it was a better experience than I could have ever imagined!

Name: Laura Moedano

Exchange Term: Fall 2012

Host Campus: University of Georgia

Majors: Philosophy and Global Studies

Currently: Pursuing a Masters Degree in Philosophy at UA